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Author: drchaithanyaks Created: 6/24/2013 7:06 PM
Dr. Chaithanya K S is a senior Ayurvedic consultant at Vedam Ayurveda Multi specialty Hospital, Bangalore. He received his B.A.M.S graduation from the reputed 'Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences', Bangalore, in 2003. After his graduation, for gaining more practical experience and exposure he traveled to Kerala and stayed with many Kerala Ayurvedi traditional vaidyas (who practice the traditional Ayurvedic system in its classic form, which has been transferred to them from generation to generations), which helped him to understand the different views of Ayurveda and their practice. Practical exposure of treating the ailment along with medicinal preparation made him more confident to practice Ayurveda. After gaining good exposure of Ayurvedic practice under various traditional vaidyas, he started working with various Ayurvedic hospitals practicing classical and traditional Kerala Ayurveda style which helped him to understand and learn how a Ayurvedic hospital functions. In 2008, findin

drchaithanyaks 6/24/2013 7:37 PM