• Swap Transplant
Single Kidney, Partial Liver OR, Bone Marrow

However over :
• 500,000 people die every year because of non-availability of organs
• 200,000 people die of liver disease
• 150,000 people await a kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one

Out of the total transplants conducted across the country majority are "Live Donor Transplants" as for getting a cadaver transplant there is a huge queue and you need to be really lucky to land one.
Over 300,000 patients suffering from serious ailments visit our portal on a monthly basis, seeking options for quality treatment across India. Over time 100's of them have already shared their reports with us which we informally shared with our network hospitals and tried helping them out.

However now we felt that we need to formalise the whole process for the benefit of all and hence have created a formal exchange where you can register your patient and donor details and if a match is found we check with both the parties before connecting them
-You need to update the donor and recepient details in the respective format
-The information is immediately matched with our internal database, as well as shared with the network of top 50 hospitals conducting organ transplants in India
-In case a match is found, the respective parties are informed, on their approvals, the two parties are connected.
We charge a nominal fee of Rs 1000 / person to cover our costs as well as to ensure that only serious patients upload their details. Amount payable only once we identify a matching pair.
Yes, if you so wish we can guide you with the legal formalities, best doctors, costing, post transplant precautions etc.

As per the latest rules, a swap organ transplant is legally allowed in India.

Swap transplant is a procedure in which a loved one of a transplant patient who is not compatible as a donor exchanges organs with another incompatible pair.

Two live donor transplants would occur. Suppose there were two donor/recipient pairs, Donor and Recipient 1 and Donor and Recipient 2:

  • Husband (Donor 1) would donate an organ to Brother (Recipient 2)
  • Sister (Donor 2) would then donate a same organ to Wife (Recipient 1)

This paired donation transplant enables two incompatible recipients to receive healthy, more compatible organs. All medically eligible donor/recipient pairs may participate in the paired organ exchange program.

If you are a transplant surgeon or a hospital and would like to look for matches for your patients from this registry kindly contact us : [email protected] along with your complete contact details and we shall contact you within the next 24 hrs.

Mr Rakesh Chopra (Age 61), from Pitampura, Delhi had been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 5 and his Urea level was 124 and Creatinine had been shooting up (rising from 8.74 to 11). He was advised to go for a kidney transplant as soon as possible & that is where the problem started. His blood group was A+ and no one in his family who could be a potential donor had the same blood group.

After running from pillar to post for over three months, Mr Chopra got to know about the swap transplant registry being run at Ask4healthcare.

He shared his details alongwith the details of his wife (Age 59, Blood group B+) with the registry. On receiving his information, our team immediately looked into all possible options that we could get, keeping in mind the donor's age, their respective blood groups and their geographic locations.

Within 15 days, we found a perfect match with Mr S K Gupta (Blood group B+, Age 60), who was also looking for a kidney transplant and the donor was his wife who had a A+ blood group.

Once we received an approval from both the families, we got them to meet with the transplant team at Fortis Gurgaon and Dr Saurabh Pokhriyal (Director Nephrology and Renal Transplant) and his team Dr Salil Jain and Dr Vishal Saxena undertook the surgery to make a successful Kidney Transplant - Saving two lives and families.

Mrs Gupta donated her kidney for Mr Chopra and Mrs Chopra donated hers for Mr Gupta - a perfect swap with matching blood groups.

L-R: Dr Vishal Saxena (Senior Consultant, Nephrology & Renal Transplant); Ms Trilly Rachel Mathew (Transplant co-ordinator); Mr S K Gupta (Patient 1); Mr Rakesh Chopra (Patient 2); Dr Salil Jain (Senior Consultant, Nephrology & Renal Transplant) and Dr Saurabh Pokhriyal (Director, Nephrology & Renal Transplant) ?

Over 95% of patients awaiting a donor, die for want of a matching donor:

Over ?5,00,000? patients are waiting for a matching donor for transplants but only 5,000 cadaver transplants (organ from an appropriate deceased donor -brain death) are accomplished. Out of these 5 lakhs atleast 30% (i.e over 150,000) patients are stuck despite having a donor available from the family due to unmatched blood groups of the donor and the patient. Most of such cases are for a liver or a kidney transplant.

Ask4healthcare - Swap Transplant Registry - A Ray of Hope

A solution is available for such patients: Swap Transplant. Under this, one family donates the organs to another family and in return gets the same organ with a matching blood group from the other family. This match can be between two or even three such families. And this process is legally permissible in the country.

“It is a God-send of an initiative which can go a long way in saving the lives of hundreds of such patients,” says Dr Saurabh Pokhriyal,Director, Nephrology & Renal Transplant at Fortis Memorial Research Institute....who conducted one such successful swap transplant


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