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• How long should I wait for an answer?
• How safe is my personal contact information?

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All about Ask4healthcare

What is Ask4healthcare?

Ask4healthcare is India's most comprehensive healthcare portal working towards providing the right treatment advise to patients - Answering queries related to right diagnosis, course & cost of treatment, doctor and hospital recommendations etc. It has an in-house panel of experts and also allows registered care providers to respond to patient queries directly. It is also the Regional Referral Facilitator for Mayo Clinic USA - #1 Hospital overall - as per the US News Rankings.
Ask4healthcare also runs India's largest patient communities for various chronic ailments - connecting patients with fellow patients
If you are a patient - on the portal you can do the following:
1. Post a query on the "Post Query" tab and receive a response from our internal medical advisory team in your inbox.
2. "Consult a Doctor" on your Health problems from a panel of experts
3. "Offers" - become a member and avail special offers on our services
4. Create your own "Electronic Health Record."
5. Join "Patient communities"
6. Search for a Doctor / Hospital or Diagnostic Lab
7, Seek treatment options at "Mayo Clinic, USA"
If you are a healthcare provider - you can :
1. "Register your profile details", to reach out and connect with millions of patients searching for the right provider in their vicinity. You can also contribute healthcare content and patient testimonials - which if approved by our editorial team shall be published under your name, showcasing your expertise in the given area.

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How does Ask4healthcare work?

A. Post a query.

1. Click on "Post Query" tab.
2. Submit your health question .
3. Receive an email / sms notification when a response is received
4. Click on the reply link and go to "My Discussion" to review and respond to the reply received.

B. Consult with Experts.

1. Select "Consult a Doctor" & choose the consultant
2. Write your health question, submit any relevant reports.
3. Complete the payment formalities.
4. Get answer from your Specialist in your "My Discussion" page within the next 24 hrs or 1 working day whichever is later.

C. Offers - Become a paid member

1. Select "Offers" tab.
2. Select the best plan for you (Live Well / Gold / Platinum)
3. Make the payment
4. Our team shall contact you within the next 48 hrs to take you through the next steps.

D. Join a "Community"

1. Visit the "Community" tab.
2. Select the appropriate disease category.
3. Post your question and you shall receive an approval within the next 24-48 hrs, post which you can start interacting with the community by visiting the "My Discussion" tab.

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Is Ask4healthcare free?

All the information about Diseases / Procedures / Doctors Location etc, are free. However if you need a response to your medical queries within 24 hrs, wish to join a specific community or consult online with a medical expert - a minor charge ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 699 is applicable.

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Registration and logging in

Do I need to register?

Yes, registration is required to subscribe or participate in any of Ask4healthcare services. Registration would take less than a minute.

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What if I forgot my password?

You can retrieve your password which will be sent to your E-Mail-ID. You can always reset your own password.

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Why can't I log in?

To login, you will need to use your User Name and password that you entered while registering to Ask4healthcare. Registration is required before you can login. If you have registered and are unable to login, check your password. If you forgot your password, you can always retrieve your password which shall be sent to your email ID.

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Payments and claiming for refund

What are the payment options available to me?

We accept payments online, through all major credit / debit cards and fund transfer options available through major banks.

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When can I claim for a refund?

If you are not satisfied by Ask4healthcare Service You can claim for refund of your amount paid to Ask4healthcare. No question will be asked and your money will be refunded within 24 Hours.

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How much refund will I get ?

You will get 100% of your amount in your account as refund.

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How can I claim for refund?

Just drop a mail at [email protected] mentioning your reason of claiming for refund. Our customer care team will contact you within the next 48 hours of your request and get the money refunded to you.

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Asking questions

How long should I wait for an answer?

If you have posted a query and have availed of the premium paid service or are our existing paid member, you shall receive the response within the next 24 hrs or 1 working day whichever is later.
If you have posted an online query to a specific doctor and paid the online consultation fee - you shall receive the response within the next 24 hrs or 1 working day whichever is later.
If you have posted a query to a fellow patient or to the community - the response time is not defined and is upto the community members.

How safe is my personal contact information?

Ask4healthcare respects your privacy, hence we never share your personal details submitted along with your query, except to the provider that you wish to consult with.
However to ensure only genuine enquiries on our portal, our team would require all your contact details and might give you a call to understand the specific nature of your query.

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