Electonic Helath Record @ask4healthcare

Organise your family's health information

Keep all your family's health records in one place - Online & organised

No need to carry bulky / confusing files and folders every time you travel or meet a doctor or in the case of an emergency.

Keep track & monitor all the relevant parameters

Track :

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Health history
  • Fitness
  • Blood pressure
  • Lab results
  • Conditions and illnesses
  • And many more kinds of health and wellness data


Be better prepared for doctor visits and unexpected emergencies

Enter the information once and use again and again anywhere / anytime - Share / Print / Email - all you need is an internet connection

Never leave your health info stranded in single-purpose websites and apps again.
Be prepared for an emergency 24x7 by making your most important health info available for emergency responders.

- Many a times it is this timely information that is required to save a life - Information like existing allergies, medications, ailments and blood group, which sometimes even the family members are not completely aware of.

Keep abreast of the latest treatment breakthroughs Receive regular monthly updates on treatment breakthroughs in India & abroad alongwith ready to use and effective health tips.

Get more out of doctor visits by bringing important data with you:

  • Up-to-date medication and allergy lists
  • Recent home health readings (such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight and cholesterol)
  • Your health history

Helping the doctor to deal with your ailment in a much more effective way, rather than spending time on searching through your reports and noting the past history.