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Author: drsankalp Created: 7/29/2012 1:43 AM
Center for Knee Resurfacing:  This specialty center and clinic is started at Nanavati Hospital,Mumbai by India's First & Only trained Orthoglide Knee Resurfacing Surgeon Dr Sankalp Mutha. The advantages of this surgery lies in following points  Minimally invasive day care surgery  No bone cuts and cementing  Allow person to squat and sit cross legged  Most affordable surgery for early to moderate Osteoarthritis of knee  No rehabilitation needed  Done at exclusive center for Knee Resurfacing by Only US trained knee resurfacing surgeon The OrthoGlide is a unique, minimally invasive device composed of cobalt-chrome alloy.The implant functions to replace some of the cartilage that has been lost due to osteoarthritis.The implant’s unique engineering provides positional stability without the use of rigid fixation methods or the removal of bone.