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Written by: LUBNA KAMAL
7/31/2012 4:55 PM


Background: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is presently global threat to mankind in general and for developing countries in particular because of expensive treatment and its lifelong continuity. In the third world especially India 90% of patients cannot afford the cost where more than 200 million people are already suffering from various forms of Kidney diseases. Approximately 254 pmp/year are left to die due to lack of treatment. Incidence of CKD has been doubled in the last 15 years. It is responsible for high morbidity and mortality and is a financial burden on government and society. All over world, there is a rising incidence and prevalence of kidney failure, with poor outcomes and high cost. While Modern Medicine offers only dialysis and transplant with poor outcomes and high cost, Homeopathy has wide range of medicines which can immensely benefit patients of CKD.



  • To establish Homeopathy as the safest and most effective treatment for CKD in recent times.
  • Justify greater role for Homeopathy in National Health Policy.
  • To establish homeopathy as first line of treatment for prevention of CKD.
  • To search for an alternate of Dialysis and Transplant. 

Method: Randomized controlled single blind drug evaluation method was used .Well diagnosed cases of CKD were selected. The inclusion criteria for the study was Serum Creatinine (>1.5), Blood Urea (>40), BUN (>14) and estimated GFR (90).

 Result: A total of 620 patients contacted the centre (NIH) for CRF. Out of them 370 patients were available for proper follow-up. 213 (57.57%) cases were improving while 91 (24.59 %) maintained status quo and 66 (17.84%) did not show any improvement. Defining the aetiology Nephritis in 67 (18%), drug induced in 59 (16%), DM +HTN in 56 (15 %) while in 48(13%) it was Hypertension, in 37(10%) due to PCKD, in 26(7%) Diabetic Nephropathy and in 11(3%) Obstructive Nephropathy, 18(5%) Nephrotic Syndrome and 48(13%) presented with Unknown aetiology. 285 (77%) of the patients were male and 85(23%) female. 322 (87%) were married and 48 (13%) were unmarried.

Conclusion: Homeopathic drugs were found effective in enhancing the efficiency of kidney concluded by the reduction in the level of S.Creatinine and improvement of eGFR. It is also useful as an alternate to prevent or reduce the frequency of Dialysis and can help to postpone the urgent need for Renal Transplant.

 Keywords: CKD, CRI, CRF, ESRD, Homeopathy, Dialysis, DM, HTN, Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, PCKD, S.Creatinine, B.Urea., eGFR, GFR,RRT, CAPD, HD, RT.

 Dr. Mohan Singh, Dr. Lubna Kamal, Dr Vijay Singh, Dr Madhav Shyam

 Website: www.nihindia.co.in. , www.kidneyfailure.co.in