Posted on: 20/01/2016


Doctors at Stanley remove liver tumour from two-year-old



liver tumorCHENNAI: When two-year-old Ganesh Kumar's abdomen began to swell, his parents thought the child had put on weight -nothing to be alarmed about. But when he started showing signs of breathlessness, they took him to a hospital at his hometown in Pudukottai where tests revealed a tumour in the liver.


On referral, he was brought to Stanley Medical College and Hospital in Chennai where a team of surgeons performed a risky procedure and removed the tumour along with a portion of the liver.


Dr R Senthilnathan, head of department of paediatric surgery at Stanley Hospital, said the tumour was cancero us and was lodged in his stomach, which had caused Ganesh breathing problems."Liver tumours are highly malignant and can grow rapidly in one vital organ before spreading to other organs," said the doctor.


A multi-dimensional treatment of chemotherapy was performed on Ganesh. After this, six months ago, the team performed a procedure in which they removed the tumour that was pressing on the child's vital organs. "The challenge is to diage if the tumour is benign nose if the tumour is benign or malignant and make sure its growth is curtailed. Only then can we operate on children," he said. Another challenge in liver surgeries is that post-operative complications are higher compared to other surgeries.

"We kept a close watch on the child for six months after the surgery and we are happy that the liver has begun to regenerate now," said Dr Senthilnathan.

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