Posted on: 14/01/2019


Eris Lifesciences, Medtronic develop smartphone-enabled Guardian Connect to monitor diabetes

Guardian Connect, a smartphone-enabled continuous glucose monitoring system for real-time data viewing of glucose levels

Eris Lifesciences, a pharmaceutical and medical device company and a leading player in chronic drugs segment has entered into collaboration with Medtronic India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic, for a diabetes monitoring initiative in India. While Medtronic will bring its latest Guardian Connect device for real-time assessment of glucose variability in diabetes patients, Eris will supply the device at healthcare delivery units and clinics under its patient care initiative.

Guardian Connect is a cutting-edge continuous glucose monitoring system connected with smartphone displays and shows real-time data viewing of glucose levels. With this system, no separate hardware monitor is required. It also has built-in mechanisms for sending out alerts predicting high and low blood sugars 10-60 minutes in advance, which pop up on the user’s smartphone (or Apple Watch) as notifications. Features like remote monitoring alerts via text messages and a web app that can be accessed from any internet-connected device are also included in the device. For instance, in juvenile diabetes, a parent could view their child’s CGM data and receive alerts for low and high measurements in real-time. Although diabetes is quite common in India, its diagnosis and monitoring remain a challenge.

Compared to earlier blood glucose monitors (prick and test blood), Guardian Connect, which has a small transmitter, mobile app and disposable sensor, offers a more convenient and painless option to monitor glucose level in real time. Amit Bakshi, Chairman and MD, Eris Lifesciences said, “For better patient outcomes in diabetes, we believe that a holistic approach of medicine, diet and continuous monitoring is important. Through this initiative, we aim to make patients and physicians adopt newer technologies for better health.” Talking on the benefits of the collaboration, Madan Krishnan, MD and Vice President, Medtronic India, said, “In a country like India, with high incidence of diabetes, we are happy to align with a partner who understands the challenges of diabetes management and has the reach to take our solutions across the country.”



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