Posted on: 23/11/2018


Better diabetes management with new technology

Better diabetes management with new technologyKolkata: Newer innovative technologies like sensor augmented insulin pump therapy can give Type 1 diabetics a normal life, it was pointed out at a presentation on diabetes in therapies at a city private hospital on Sunday.

Speaking on the management of Type 1 diabetes, senior paediatric endocrinologist Subrata Dey said the pump therapy is a very effective method in managing juvenile diabetes since it delivers insulin without repeated injections and was painless. The flash glucose monitoring system which is fixed on the arm or around the waist area can constantly keep a record of blood sugar levels without any prick and helps to guide insulin dosage through the pump.

As a case study, Dey mentioned a six year old girl who was admitted at a district hospital with severe ketoacidosis in coma. The treating paediatrician contacted Dey and the child was brought to the city and revived. Her blood sugar was controlled and the insulin pump therapy was commenced. The child recovered and went home within a week with perfectly controlled blood sugar levels. A year later, the child is leading a normal healthy life with continues to use the insulin pump.

Parents of juvenile diabetic patients present at the meet said that they were satisfied with the treatment they got with the use of this sensor based insulin pumps. “Earlier, we were constantly worried about the blood glucose level. Now, with the help of the insulin pump, the sugar level could be constantly monitored,” said a parent of a 12 year old type 1 diabetic child.



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