Posted on: 25/08/2014


Death of Robin Williams, American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter was sudden and shocking. He took his life, believed to be triggered by Depression.How could a person playing comic roles on-screen, making everyone laugh, appearing a happy and jovial person himself, could be so saddened deep inside to take such an extreme step?  

Increasingly stressful lifestyle, is the main reason today behind the ever rising number of people who suffer from depression. It is on rise in India too. The rosy picture that an individual may present on social media can be quite different from what a person is actually going through. It is therefore important for the family and friends to be vigilant and be pro active if they realize that anyone near them maybe undergoing depression.

Doctors recommend that even mild depression should get professional evaluation and therapy. It should not be neglected, and the stigma attached to it of being a mental illness should be overcome, as it may hamper taking the first step towards medical help. There are minor variations in mood which all of us experience. But if this is sustained for two weeks or more, it requires attention. There are additional symptoms like feeling of hopelessness, negativity and a lack of will to work, even suicidal thoughts in severe cases. It needs to be understood as a disease that needs proper medical attention. Proper counselling and medication would help to cure it. Anti depressants would be needed for the duration, as advised by the treating psychiatrist and should be taken for the full course, and never stopped abruptly. There is no use blaming the person in such times as it may make things worse. Family should be supportive and understanding.


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