Posted on: 27/04/2018

mookpMiracle Surgery to restore eyesight performed at Sankara Eye Hospital

Patient Mamtha from West Bengal had been suffering for almost a decade. When she was 35 years old she developed a drug reaction "SJ Syndrome" and lost her ability to see from both her eyes due to dry and scarred cornea. So when they came to Sankara Eye Hospital, Bengaluru, little did they expect for a miracle of sorts to take place.

The team of doctors of Sankara decided to perform a Modified Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (MOOKP) which is commonly known as ‘tooth in eye’ surgery. This surgery, performed for the first time in Karnataka, involves the patient’s tooth being extracted and fashioned into a block into which an optical cylinder is incorporated. After being left to disintegrate for two months, it is then inserted into the cornea and covered with overlying mucosa. As light passes through this cylinder, the patient is able to visualize objects.


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