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Get suggestions for best treatment options regarding IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION) across India and receive responses & quotes from hospitals / doctors in your city.

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Also known as : Test tube baby

This is an option for all those couples who are not able to conceive normally. The reason could be damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, low/nil sperm count, etc.

IVF is assisted reproductive technique, in which eggs (ova) from a woman's ovary are removed, fertilized with sperm in a laboratory, and then the fertilized egg (embryo) is returned to the woman's uterus.


In the IVF process, the woman is given fertility enhancing drugs so that multiple eggs mature at the same time. This is monitored with blood tests and vaginal ultrasound examinations. Once the eggs are mature, they are removed from the ovary with a minor surgical procedure. These eggs are put into a petri dish and exposed to the partner's sperm. The eggs are monitored for several days and once fertilization occurs and embryos have formed, they are then placed in the woman's uterus. Extra eggs/embryos can be cryopreserved for future use.


For a single cycle, it may take 40-60 days. The procedure is done on out patient basis, but requires regular monitoring throughout this period.


Regular routine can be resumed after the procedure. Pregnancy test is done approx 12-14 days later to know the results. The success rates vary at different centres.


- Multiple pregnancy
- Ectopic pregnancy
- Ovarian hyperstimulation
- Ovarian rupture
- Bleeding
- Infection

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