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Cost of MRI in Chandigarh
mri cost in chandigarh as my daughter has to get her MRI done of pituitary gland
Female 31 , Shimla
Reply posted on 21-Oct-2011 in the patient's 'My Discussion' inbox.

please confirm whether these tests are conducted by your laboratory?
please confirm whether the following test is conducted by your laboratory

1. MRI and CT Slice
2. CT guided biopsy
3. BACTEC (TB) culture (Ranbaxy)

Kindly note that i am a CGHS patient. The above tests r suggested by orthopedic dpt in KMC for a swelling on my right foot. Awaiting for yr confirmation.

Male 70 , Chennai
Reply posted on 31-Jul-2012 in the patient's 'My Discussion' inbox.

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