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Query: My newborn Son is having continuous diarrhea. Pl help to get rid of this problem
My Son is of 15 days old( DOB- 01-08-2016). It was a surgery delivery ( not normal).After 4 days bilirubin test and CRP was carried out.The bilirubin was detected 14.45mg/dl & CRP 0.45 etc.He was given phototherapy for 48 hrs. After burn he was with black colour stool, but gradually was was yellow colour stool & good urination. But after 5 days daily he is having 12-15 times latrine. Initially he was given SPORLAC & then was discharged fro hospital.Later on the the same was diarrhea type stool is coming i.e. more water & less stool while latrine.From beginning his mother is taking only boiled vegetables with rice/ hand made bread or roti in her every food. Till now baby is taking only mothers milk & no other even if water is not given to him. Mother is having sufficient milk to feed son.When the no of latrine increased from 15-20 we took him to a pediatric specialist. The stool was examined in laboratory & push cell came 0-1 . The doctor referred Rx Dil oil, fennel oil with simethicone oral drops SPAM drops. Multivitamins with lactobacillus sporogenes dry syrup OCLAC. Himalaya Diarex syrup 6 0 ml. He has already taken this since 2 days but still no remedy of his diarrhea type latrine. Baby is taking milk from his mother at least 5 times in a day & active. One point i would like to highlight...he is having wind in his belly & some times his belly is swelling due to wind & he is also releasing wind with foul smell. It is happening since his birth date. As per as his mother is concerned, she is taking antibiotics for healing her stitches. She is still having urine discharge pipe due to painful release without it. Also she is taking tablets to prevent urine infection as well as stitches infection. She is also having constipation during latrine. I will respectfully request you to help me to get rid from this problem. Kind regards,

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