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Some of the Best Doctors for Fever in Manipal

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Pls suggest what should we do?
my son is having cold and fever. c-reactive protein for blood sample taken was...
Male 2 Hazaribagh
23 1 Day Ago
Need advice for fever and headache for my father.
My father has been suffering from fever thats not exceeding over 100 F from the...
Male 63 Kolkata
30 1 Day Ago
What to do for prolong fever?
My daughter is suffering from fever from last 11days. Although time of fever ha...
Female 8 Jaipur
33 1 Day Ago
Need second opinion on medication of typhoid.
my mother aged about 56 yrs. has been suffering from fever, headache (backhead)...
Female 56 Guwahati
45 2 Day Ago
Which doctor to consult for typhoid at Jamshedpur?
i am suffering from headache, tingling of sole and weakness from last 3 months....
Male 25 Jamshedpur
35 1 Day Ago
I suffered from rheumatic fever 14 years back, now suffering from muscular pains, can it be due to that only?
Im a 23 years old female , working in delhi.. I had rheumatic fever at the age ...
Female 23 Delhi
47 2 Day Ago
Need immediate help for my son, having high fever from past 48 hrs.
My 1 year old son has been suffering from fever, temperature running up to 101-...
Male 1 Kolkata
55 2 Day Ago

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