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This is a type of x-ray done to visualize the inside of blood vessels. It is commonly done for coronary vessels (Heart) and is termed as Coronary Angiogram or simply Angiography. It is commonly advised to patients who suffer from Heart attack, Chest pain, Positive TMT, etc.It can be done for other body organs too. A long thin tube (catheter) is passed through a major artery (generally in groin) and is then threaded up to the area to be scanned. A dye that is detected by x-ray is injected into the blood vessels through the catheter and series of x-rays are taken. It helps to assess abnormalities in vessels like degree and location of blockage, any damage, etc. If required, doctor may perform Angioplasty following Angiography. It is done as a day procedure by a Cardiologist.
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