Apr 18

Written by: Dr Rangadhar Satapathy
4/18/2013 10:02 PM



Premature ejaculation (PE), the most common sexual disorder in men. It can be defined as Lack of control of ejaculation which always occurs prior to or within about 1 minute of sexual conjugation. Pre mature ejaculation is ejaculation that occur too early on slightest excitement. It can cause dissatisfaction of sexual experience and makes couple unhappy and frustrated. In severe cases it can even ruin the mirage life.  It is also important to know that for a man to ejaculate quickly the first time he has sex is quite normal. Occasionally loss of control does not mean he has the problem of premature ejaculation. But every time ejaculation in 1 minute cannot be considered as normal.

It is also known as dhat syndrome in which male patients report symptoms of fatigue, weakness, anxiety, loss of appetite, guilt, sexual dysfunction, and suffering from premature ejaculation or impotence, and believe that they are passing semen in their urine. In young age group of nightly emission after dream or nocturnal emission is also considered as a part of early ejaculation. Dribbling of prostatic fluid during urination or stool is also considered under premature ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation may co occur with erectile dysfunction, with almost half of men suffering from premature ejaculation experiencing erectile dysfunction as well.

Ejaculation is comprised of three stages of the male sexual response cycle, namely emission, ejection, and orgasm.



Normal physiology of ejaculation

Ejaculation is comprised of three stages of the male sexual response cycle, namely emission, ejection, and orgasm.

1.     Emission

Bladder neck closure

Deposition of seminal fluid into posterior urethra

2.     Ejection

Explosion of seminal fluid from the urethra

Relaxation of the sphincter

Co-ordinated pelvic floor, bulbospongiosis contraction

3.     Orgasm

A sense experience via pudendal nerve associated with all these events

Causes of pre mature ejaculation

There are various pre disposing factors that causes premature ejaculation.


  • Infrequent sexual act
  • Over anxiety and depression state of mind
  • Excessive mastrubation habit. It is the most common cause of premature ejaculation
  • Living in a stress full and pressure packed life style
  • Person’s feeling of guilty or self -reproach and blame.  
  • Certain drugs used for psychiatric or behavioural problem



Homeopathic Treatment for Premature ejaculation

·         Homeopathy has an effective  and promising treatment in pre mature ejaculation or early ejaculation problem.  It is because homeopathy treats the cause of any health problems rather than the symptoms.  

·         Homeopathic treatment increases the emision and ejaculation time of semen during sexual act.

·         It also helps to cure the erectile problem asociated to Pre mature ejaculation.

·         It also cure the physical and mental exhusion associated with PE due to over mental stressed condition

·         Homeopathic treatment cures  the anxiety condition and guilty feeling symptoms associated with PE

·         Homeopathic treatment cures the night emision too occurs in young mass.

·         Homeopathic treatment also cures the prostatic discharge during urine and stool

·         Homeopathic treatrment also helps for oligospermia , azospermia condition

·         Homeopathic treatment is the most safest and permanent approach of treatment in pre mature ejaculation problem

·         In Multicare Advanced Homeopathic treatment Center thousands of PE paitents have been sucessfully treated and cured at the present date