Dr. MADAN MOHAN Bahadur, Specialization : Nephrology

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Address 15 - Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road,
city Mumbai
Pincode 400026
Phone No. : To Book an appointment call: +91-7533008464 or Submit request
Qualification: M.D. (Medicine), Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal University in 1984.DNB (Nephrology), Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai in 1999.
Special Skills :
Renal Transplant
Experience : Dr. M.M.Bahadur is a Senior Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician in the Department of Nephrology at Jaslok Hospital & Research center and several other hospitals in Mumbai. He is considered as one of the top nephrologists in Mumbai He did his MD in General medicine from Bhopal in 1984 & later trained at Royal Hospital London in Emergency medicine. He received formal training in & practiced various branches of internal medicine before completing DNB Nephrology from Jaslok. He is actively involved in the field of transplantation since 1991. He has the distinction of doing the maximum renal transplants in the State of Maharashtra in the last 5 years. He has deep interest & extensive experience in managing diabetic nephropathy. Patient care, original research, innovation is primary to his practice. Clinical nephrology is his forte & post grads look forward to his ward rounds. He has several firsts in the world and Southeast Asia to his credit such as use of sildenafil with nitroprussside for malignant systemic hypertension and Stem cell transplant in a renal transplant patient with myloma. He is the Principal Investigator for a number of path breaking phase 3 trials in the field of nephrology, transplantation and diabetes. He has spoken at several national & international forums & published several original research papers. His range of clinical experience, patient care and interest in research makes for a unique combination.

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