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Dr. Shamsher Dwivedee, Neurologist Doctor in Delhi


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Address : -
City : DELHI
Country : INDIA
Phone No. : 0-99118... To view the phone number Click here
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Specialisation : NEUROLOGY

Special Skills :

Stroke, Spasticity, Multiple Sclerosis, Behavioral Neurology.

Experience :

Dr. Shamsher Dwivedee, finished his DM (Neurology) training from King George’s Medical College,Lucknow in 1995.He joined VIMHANS as a consultant and established the department of Neurology at VIMHANS.
In 1998 he did the first thrombolysis in stroke in India at VIMHANS and established the stroke programme. He used Botox for the first time in India for post stroke spasticity in the year 2000.He established Botox and Behavioral Neurology Clinics at VIMHANS.
In 2013 he established the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at VIMHANS,which was inaugurated by Mrs.Sheila Dixit the erstwhile CM of Delhi He also established the Department of Neurology and Stroke programme at Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket and Fortis Memorial Research Institute,Gurgaon.
He established College of Clinical research at VIMHANSHe initiated Diplomate National Board programme in Neurology at VIMHANSHe has done the largest number of clinical trials in India in Neurology for various neurological disorders.Considering his contributions in various trials were large, USFDA inspected his research unit at VIMHANS and audited his work and found it to be of standard mandated by USFDA. It vindicated the quality of work being done in India
He is a member of Bihar Health Society which the Govt. of Bihar created to recommend the improvements needed in health care system in Bihar His contributions to identify appropriate therapies for various neurological disorders.
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Address: -
Country : INDIA
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