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Query: Pleas kindly give your opinion for Peripheral dry gangrene.
Pleas kindly give your opinions & help Please help me:- My Father in Law,61 years old is a known case of Diabetic mellitus on CKD secondary to Urosepsis.He also a dry gangrene.He is presently hemodynamically stable and in stable condition. Doc.Diagnosis: Peripheral dry gangrene in bilateral upper and lower limbs,Acute Kidney Injury on CKD (Recieved 04 sessions of hemodyalisis in Appolo Bilaspur Chhattisgarh) with ARDS (recovered) Likely secondary to Urosepsis( Pseudomonas positive), my father in law is normotensive,diabetic,presented with complaints of blackish discoloration of upper and lower limbs. GANGRENE DETAILS 1. L/E Right forearm dry Gangrene ( Dorsal > Palmer aspect ) extending into fingers; intermittent raw area with mild discharge+ 2. Left Wrist and hand dry gangrenous changes extending into fingers. 3. Bilateral lower limbs dry gangrene extending into toes. 4. Bilateral dorsalis pesos pulse palpable.

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