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Back pain is one of the most common health problems and it affects most people at some point in their life.

Back pain may be caused by bending improperly, a bad posture while sitting or standing, or lifting weight incorrectly. It is generally not caused by a serious condition and in most cases the pain gets better in a few weeks or months with rest. However, some people experience long-term pain or pain that keeps coming back.

Back pain


The symptoms are usually short-lived, if due to strain or misuse, but can last for weeks.It becomes chronic when symptoms stay for longer than three months.

  • • Dull ache in back muscles and bones
  • • Muscle spasm
  • • Sensory numbness or pinning sensation from shoulder to hip.
  • • An inability to standup straight without pain
  • • Decreaseing flexiblity and motion of the backbone.


Human back is a complex structure made up of bones, muscles, joints, and nerves. This may often make it tough to identify the exact cause of the pain. In most cases back pain is not caused by any serious disease or damage but it may be the result of a muscle strain, sprains, injury, or a pinched nerve.

Back pain may be triggered by day-to-day activities, or they can gradually develop, over time. Potential causes of back pain are related to spinal joints, discs, or supporting muscles of the back:
• Bending for long durations or twisting awkwardly
• Lifting, pushing, carrying, or pulling heavy objects
• Wrong posture
• Driving for long periods incessantly
• Over-using the muscles due to repetitive movements.
• Other than the above, most back pain are due to Disc problems like, Disc herniation, Osteoarthritis/spinal stenosis, Ankylosing spondylitis or Spondylolisthesis.
• In rare cases, cancer, an infection or trauma can also cause back pain.
• Some Non-spinal causes of low back pain - include kidney stones, abdominal aortic aneurysms or perforating stomach ulcer.


- Physical examination
- X-ray to find out fracture/broken bones or spine.
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan to determine the soft-tissue damage.


Treatments for back pain vary depending upon the severity and duration and one’s personal requirements and preferences. It may involve the following:

  1) Exercising regularly and changing lifestyle.
  2) Being active on a daily basis that will help keep the back strong and healthy. Carrying out activities such as yoga, walking, and swimming.
  3) Physiotherapy
  4) Acupuncture
  5) In case of long-term pain, visit to doctor is recommended
  6) If painkillers do not help, doctor may prescribe antidepressants
  7) Surgery for back pain is mostly recommended only when all other treatment options have failed or if the back pain is too severe to be able to carry out daily activities or sleep.
   Two procedures which are performed include:
    • Spinal fusion
    • Discectomy

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