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Fibroadenomas are solid, noncancerous breast tumors that most often occur in adolescent girls and women under the age of 30.


It is a firm, smooth, rubbery or hard lump with a well-defined shape. It moves easily under the skin when touched and is usually painless. Typically about 1-3 cm in size, fibroadenomas can enlarge during pregnancy and breast-feeding. They usually get smaller post menopause. Those larger than 5 cm are termed as Giant Fibroadenomas.



A fibroadenoma is made up of breast gland tissue and tissue that helps support the breast gland tissue. Although no known cause has been identified they are thought to occur because of an increased sensitivity to the female hormone oestrogen.


- Physical examination
- Breast ultrasound
- Mammogram
- FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology)


Once malignancy is ruled out, the doctor may decide to just wait and watch or surgically remove the same, by Excision biopsy or lumpectomy.

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