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Also known as Pimples


Acne is a common skin condition and happens when oil glands get blocked or infected. It can appear in form of whitehead, blackhead, red pimples, cyst, pustule, etc.



Mainly caused due to hormonal changes during the teenage years. This combined with surface (skin) bacteria and lipids (fatty acids) within sebaceous (oil) glands - causes acne. Common sites for acne are the face, chest, shoulders, and back, wherever the oil glands exist.

Other reasons can be:
- High levels of humidity or sweating.
- Certain drugs such as steroids, testosterone, estrogen.
- Greasy or oily creams / cosmetics.


- Physical examination



- Benzoyl peroxide
- Retinoids
- Antibiotics
- Hormone therapy

In some cases, sp with scars:

- Laser Therapy / Photodynamic therapy
- Skin Peeling
- Dermabrasion

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