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Chronic Renal disease
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Some of the Best Doctors for Chronic Renal disease in Kannur

Some of the Best Doctors for Chronic Renal disease associated with various Hospitals in Kannur

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Suggest good hospital for diabetes, kidney problem and overweight treatment at Kottayam.
My Mother-in-law have creatinine level is 7. Is it possible to reduce creatinin...
Female 58 Kottayam
20 1 Day Ago
How to check High BP in CKD patients?
Dear Doctor: Sir/Madam, I am a ckd, Diabatic, Knee arthritis(severe at presen...
Male 67 Kolkata
59 2 Day Ago
What precautions we should take for Grade 1 renal disease?
My mother 65yrs old having grade 1 renal disease. Her creatine and other parame...
Female 65 Kottayam
09 29 Mins Ago
Pleas kindly give your opinion for Peripheral dry gangrene.
Pleas kindly give your opinions & help Please help me:- My Father in Law,61 ...
Male 61 Bilaspur
40 2 Day Ago
Guide me for diet for my mother suffering from CKD.
my mother creatine 2.12, uric acid 9.73 urrea 67, not diabatic ckd+htn. guide m...
Female 69 Barrackpur
48 2 Day Ago
Dear Sir, my mother recently has been diagnosed with CKD stage 4, please advise what should we do?
Dear Sir, my mother recently had a surgery done on her right shoulder and recei...
Female 62 Delhi
15 35 Mins Ago
Can my mother undergo a major kidney transplant surgery at her current health condition?
My Mom has CKD and Creatinine value is above 5 now. Urea is 250. These values h...
Female 50 Kolkata
00 20 Mins Ago

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