Best Doctor for Achilles tendinitis/rupture in Cooch Behar

Achilles tendinitis/rupture
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Some of the best doctors for Achilles tendinitis/rupture in Cooch Behar

Some of the best doctors for Achilles tendinitis/rupture associated with various hospitals in Cooch Behar

Recent patient queries for Achilles tendinitis/rupture

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Achilles tendon torn. How long will the cast be on his leg? What r chances of recovery?
My husband has torn his Achilles tendon. The rupture is about 80%. He has opted...
39 1 Day Ago
Male 62 Gurgaon
Which surgery will best for Achilles Tendon repair at Navi Mumbai?
which surgery will best for minimum tear & wear treatment for heel spur(at achi...
28 1 Day Ago
Male 32 navi mumbai
What is the clinical treatment for Achilles tendon rupture?
FINDINGS Distal tibia and fibula reveals normal marrow signal intensity with n...
51 2 Day Ago
Male 52 Delhi
Suggest any specialist who can solve the problem of swelling tendon.
i have suffering by the swelling of achilis tendon in ankle of both leg. recnt...
08 28 Mins Ago
Male 26 Burdwan
Want to know the best treatment of achilles tendon tear in Abohar.
I have an achilles tendon tear, i wish to undertake the reconstructive tendon o...
10 30 Mins Ago
Male 37
Pls give treatment advice for Achilles tendonitis and high BP.
i am patient of Achilles tendonitis at right ankle beside that calf muscles are...
15 35 Mins Ago
Male 67 Mumbai
Need to know the best Hospital for resurgery for rupture of Achilles tendon in Lucknow.
I had an accident on 27 November 2015 in which my Achilles tendon cut or ruptur...
19 39 Mins Ago
Female 30 Lucknow
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