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Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery


The term microtia (in greek means little ear) indicates a small, abnormally shaped or absent external ear. This is a congenital ailment (present since birth) and it can occur on one side only (called "unilateral") or on both sides (called "bilateral"). The unilateral form is much more common, occurring in approximately 90% of patients.



No obvious causes have been found, however it can appear on its own or alongside other symptoms as part of a syndrome. Some syndromes that have microtia as a feature include: Goldenhar syndrome, hemifacial microsomia or Treacher-Collins syndrome.


- Physical examination
- Audiogram to identify the degree of hearing loss in both the ears.
- A high resolution, 3-D CT scan of the temporal bones is recommended to rule out a benign tumor of the middle ear known as a cholesteatoma.
- CT scan to indicate if the middle ear structures can be surgically reconstructed especially in kids with aural atresia (missing ear canal).


Surgical Ear reconstruction using a rib graft is the most recommended treatment, to be conducted only after the age of 10. Now a days a prosthetic ear is also available. The surgery is performed in stages.

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