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Latest Activity

Need advice to delay menopause?
sir, i am facing a problem with premenupause. i got married 19.01.2019. plea...
Female 41 , Jamshedpur


38 Mins Ago

Can I restore my menstruation bleeding. Is it possible?
My periods stopped suddenly before 1n had yet back after I took medicines from ...
Female 40 , Delhi


1 Day Ago

how to deal with premenopause and plan for my next pregnancy?
I have premenopause problem. i have irregular period. so I can't plan for my se...
Female 34 , Amroha


2 Day Ago

Treatment for heavy bleeding during menopause
During menopause and heavy bleeding what procedure good and from which hospital...
Female 47 , Delhi


1 Day Ago

Gynaecology treamtment for menopause
Gynaecology treamtment. Actually, it is related to menopause, which is continui...
Female 50 , Bangalore


2 Day Ago