Posted on: 11/02/2015

Thanks to recent developments in medicine, the life of patient, a 19 year old boy from Nagpur was saved when he underwent an incompatible blood group (across the blood group) kidney transplant at a Mumbai hospital. 

Conventionally, AB patients can receive  a kidney of any blood type. A type can get it from either O or A blood type, B from O and B type, while O patients can get kidney only from a O type. But with blood type incompatibility kidney transplant programme, any blood type can donate to any transplant recipient. A two-step process of desensitization and immune modulation (a process of removing antibodies from donor's blood using a plasma exchange process) is done. This process may be done once or more.  Immuno-globulins are used to minimize the antibodies and then the transplant can be performed.

The patient was suffering from an illness due to which he required both kidney and liver transplants simultaneously. He was on dialysis and facing donor problem since the parents' kidneys didn't match due to different blood groups.  He was registered for the two transplants at Chennai as well as Mumbai but his name was very low in the wait list. It was then with the aid of new technology that the mother was able to donate a kidney to her son inspite of different blood group.

Fortunately, samples of his liver biopsy which were sent to King's College, University of London, revealed that he may not need a liver transplant as the levels of oxalosis, a liver enzyme, may not hinder his kidney transplant. Although this increased the overall expenditure for the family manifold ( for the test at London and for the incompatible blood type kidney transplant) but it saved his life.

The patient an engineering student would now be able to pursue his studies and career and the parents are extremely happy by the developments.

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