Posted on: 25/08/2016


Apollo Hosp - Hyd performs 8 spine surgeries using 'Mazor Robotics'


Mazor Robotics surgery

Hyderabad, Aug 23: Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad has successfully performed spine surgeries on eight patients using the 'Mazor Robotics' technology, which enables precise placement of instrumentation in spine.


In conventional spine surgery, the key challenge has always been placement of instrumentation in spine. Especially placing of screws more so in a deformed spine without damaging the nerves and getting the utmost stability has been a huge task for spine surgeons, senior consultant neurosurgeon Dr Alok Ranjan said.



Currently there are navigation systems which can guide to some extent, but 'Mazor Robotics' is generation ahead in precision as well as dynamic planning which cannot be matched by the existing ones, he said.



"Mazor Robotics is highly beneficial to patients, as it tremendously reduces surgery related complications, expedite surgery and enables early discharge. It is a highly safe procedure, the complications are almost nil and the success rate is as high as 99 per cent. Patients can go home the same evening or the next day morning," Ranjan said.



Apart from precision, 'Mazor Robotics' helps in faster surgery, quicker recovery and is a great boon in minimally invasive spine surgery, Apollo Hospitals Group president Dr Hari Prasad said.



Dr Ranjan said Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad has successfully performed spine surgeries on eight patients, including the wife of a former foreign minister of Mozambique using 'Mazor Robotics' technology, and added that "given a choice, all spine surgeries requiring instrumentation should be done with 'Mazor Robotics' technology".
This technology will be adopted for brain also once necessary licensing is done, Dr Ranjan added.




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