Posted on: 06/07/2016

Newer method to kill tumors without surgery

The liver tumors can be either primary which means they are developing within the liver itself or they can be secondary meaning cancer is somewhere else but most of them spread at some point of time. Another every emerging method to destroy liver tumors is radiofrequency ablation and it also works when the surgery has been done once and can't be done for the second time but the tumor has reoccurred.

Radiofrequency ablation is a time tested and proven method of destroying tumors but there is a new technology that has come in now which is Microwave ablation. Microwave technology has worked in different spheres like in cooking food, in communication etc.

In medical use, in order to generate the microwave you have a machine which is the microwave generator and at the same time it is similar to an electrode where you insert a needle tip into the tumor under the CT or ultrasound guidance. Once the tip of the needle is inside the tumor you connect it to the machine and start it. The tip emits microwaves which cause oscillation of water molecules which in itself causes heat generation and that heat again destroys the tumor. So in many ways the technology is slightly different from RA fabrillation but its uses are similar and have some advantages as well.

To protect any nearby structure from any harm, this method uses a fluid which is not a conductor like dextrose or glucose water into the interphase between the kidney and the liver to move the kidney away. With this technique the heat doesn't travel to the adjacent structure to destroy it and this is a time-tested thing to protect structures. If we combine radiofrequency ablation or microwave ablation with other techniques there is a synergistic effect.


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