Posted on: 15/01/2016


15 Ahmedabad Patients Complain Of Partial Sight Loss After Procedure



vision impairmentAhmedabad:  Fifteen patients, who were undergoing treatment for different eye ailments at the civic body-run C H Nagri Eye Hospital here complained of partial loss of vision after they were given injection.

City Mayor Gautam Shah, along with other leaders, rushed to the hospital, located near Ashram Road, and took stock of the situation.

State Health Minister Nitin Patel ordered an inquiry into the matter and sent a team of expert doctors to find out the exact cause of problem and also to treat the patients.


"I have learned that around 15 patients received infection after taking a particular injection and came to hospital next morning with swollen eyes. I have ordered an inquiry into the matter. Luckily, no one has lost their vision so far," Patel said.

"A team of doctors has been sent to the hospital for treatment of these patients. We have also collected samples of that injection and sent it for laboratory tests to find if they were having any contamination," said Patel.

After meeting the patients at the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-run (AMC), Mayor claimed that no one has lost their vision.

"They complained partial loss of vision due to swelling around their eyes. They had been given injections at the hospital but came next morning with the complaint," Shah added.

A team of expert doctors is now trying to reduce the swelling through medicines. Their treatment will continue.

"Many patients are also showing signs of improvement after taking medicines," Shah claimed.

According to Municipal Commissioner D Thara, the retinas of these patients have not got damaged.

"This is too early to say that these patients have lost their eyesight. A particular injection caused inflation on the outer part of their eyes only. Expert doctors did sonography and found that retina is not infected," said Thara.

"If this was a case of negligence by doctors, then hundreds others might have complained the same. But, since it affected only these 15 patients, it is possible that the injection given to them was responsible. We have sent the samples for laboratory test to find if they are contaminated," said Thara.

Recently, seven patients had lost their vision in Rajkot city following complications after cataract operation





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