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What are the risks involved with Schwannoma Surgery? How much does it cost?
Posted By : t*** ,49 Male, ChennaiLatest Activity : 41 Mins Ago
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Disease: Schwannoma     Procedure: Acoustic Schwanoma Surgery

Query: Technique: Axial T1 spin echo, T2 Fast Spin Echo, Flair Axial 3D space Findings: Moderately sized (3.5 X 3.4 cm) ice cream cone shaped left CP angle SOL seen showing extension into enlarged left internal auditory canal via widened left internal auditory meatus. Left 7th / 8th nerve complexes are not separately visualized - features are consistent with left acoustic schwannoma. The schwannoma shows mixed heterogeneous T1 hyp and t2 hyper intense signal and ompressing and displacing pons, medulla and left brachium pontis around with moderately effaced fourth verticle. Mild dialation of 3rd and lateral ventricles seen with this periventricular trans ependymal seepage. Patient age is 49 years old. My query is 1.What is the risk involved if he operated to remove the above SOL 2. Cost of operation 3. Duration in the hospital 4. Whether it can be cured in medicine. 5. If we left as it is without operation what will be the impact in future kindly give me answer sir, I am greatful to you.
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