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Is treatment of advanced Avascular Necrosis of Hip through stem cell therapy available in AIIMS?
Posted By : L*** ,37 Male, DelhiLatest Activity : 51 Mins Ago
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Disease: Avascular necrosis     Procedure: Avascular Necrosis Surgery
Query: Bilateral core decompression with right bone marrow, left stem cell injection done by Dr.S.Rastogi and Dr. Tushar under SA on 05.11.09. Bilateral hip : S/o AVN bilateral hip joint involving approx. 70% of right frmoral head and 50% left femoral head. After that my left hip is ok but my right hip is not ok till date and i met Dr.Rastogi before 1 year & he had advised me to replace right hip. Recently article published in newspaper that Live 100 Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka successfully treats advanced Avascular Necrosis of Hip through stem cell therapy. So, kindly guide me that any such development took place in medical science. Is this therapy available in AIIMS. Sir kindly guide me at your earliest convenience.
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