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Precautions for kidney stone patient
Posted By : H*** ,62 Male, JabalpurLatest Activity : 59 Mins Ago
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Disease: Kidney Stones / Calculi    

Query: Hello Dr.Deshpande, I, Sanjay Chaturvedi had called you today 11am for the appointment to checkup of my father Mr.H.L.Chaturvedi aged 62yrs, suffering from last 3 years of High blood pressure and stone in both kidney and now his creatanine test is going high so we are very worried for his health as going down continiously as his digestion is week no havy meels he is taking, no protiene and no salt he is taking on his meal and presently he is taking homeopathy treatment from last 1 year. so please guide us what precautions we should take for travelling from jabalpur to mumbai and what reports we should carry to meet you because its a 1000km journy and he get tired early due to weekness. so please guide us. regards;
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