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Best Doctor Urologist For Stricture urethra in KOLKATA
Stricture urethra

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Seeking advise for post radiotherapy urethra stricture.
Is there any permanent solution for post radio therapy urethra stricture...
Female 63 , Dehradun
12 32 Mins Ago
ASCENDING URETHROGRAM - advised for urothroplasty operation for stricture urethra.
ASCENDING URETHROGRAM. Urethre is delineated with contrast media. Multiple na...
Male 51 , Kolkata
22 1 Day Ago
Give the urethroplasty cost in Apollo Main hospital, Chennai.
Post bike accident, I have been diagnosed with stricture in membranous urethra....
Male 26 , Chennai
32 1 Day Ago
Urethroplasty for women - suggest good hospital in Hyderabad.
Urethroplasty for women. has very narrow strictures with urethra and doc sugges...
Female 31 , Hyderabad
37 1 Day Ago
Suffering from stricture involving the posterior urethra - suggest treatment.
iam suffering atight short segment stricture involving the posterior urethra. s...
Male 28 , Bhubaneswar
40 2 Day Ago

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