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Best Doctor Opthalmologist For Diabetic retinopathy in HYDERABAD
Diabetic retinopathy

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Suggest best treatment for diabetic retinopathy.
Dr.. My father has Diabetics for more than 8 years. He has diabetic retinopat...
Male 57 , Trivandrum
17 37 Mins Ago
Please give me the best advice for the treatment of Diabetic retinopathy.
My wife is 59 years old and suffering from diabetes since 1987. Since 2008 she ...
Female 59 , Patna
18 38 Mins Ago
Diabetic retina problem, need opinion
Diabetic retina problem with patch in F.angiogram and OCT and sweelling in reti...
Male 52 , Faridabad
22 1 Day Ago
Needed details on treatment for diabetic retinopathy in Mumbai
Needed details on treatment for diabetic retinopathi in mumbai...
Male 64 , Mumbai
29 1 Day Ago
Both eyes have developed black spots on retina
Both eyes have developed black spots on the retina due to prolonged diabetes. M...
Male 66 , Mumbai
53 2 Day Ago

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