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Best Doctor Gynaecologist and Obstetrician For Menopause in Shillong

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Treatment for heavy bleeding during menopause
During menopause and heavy bleeding what procedure good and from which hospital...
Female 47 , Delhi
25 1 Day Ago
who is the best doctor for treating menopause at Guwahati?
who is the best doctor for treating menopause at Guwahati...
Female 45 , Guwahati
28 1 Day Ago
Plz advise best doctor for Menopause problem.
menopose hormonse problem. pl. advice best doctor for her treatment....
Female 36 , Rajkot
37 1 Day Ago
i missed my period, having signs of breast enlargement. Pls advise.
i am 40yrs old. i missed my period. (last date was May 8)there-where signs of b...
Female 40 , Mumbai
45 2 Day Ago
Can Uterine tumor cause menopause? Need suggestion.
Doctor, This is a query about one of my relative. She is 44 years of age, mar...
Female 44 , Kolkata
46 2 Day Ago

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