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Best Doctor ENT For Tinnitus in KOLKATA

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Looking for treatment of tinnitus in ear, advise for treatment.
Treatment for tinnutes in ears treatment ...
Male 40 , Srinagar
00 20 Mins Ago
Guide me to get cure for tinnitus problem.
I m having tinnitus guide me to cure this...
Male 30 , Delhi
18 38 Mins Ago
can anyone guide me for the best suggestion for blood pressure control?
my mother is having high as well as sometimes low bp problem. she is taking min...
Female 47 , Bhopal
46 2 Day Ago
Suffering from TMJ pain and tinnitus after RCT - What is the remedy?
TMJ - There is a left lower jaw pain everyday in evenings. this arised after do...
Male 53 , Jalandhar
53 2 Day Ago
Tinnitus problem - Can you guide me for treatment?
Im suffering from tinnitus. Can get some direction for the treatment?...
Male 38 , Bangalore
54 2 Day Ago

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