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Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon For LYMPHEDEMA in Rohini,DELHI

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plz help me to treat lymphoedema below knee.
i am suffering from lymphoedema below knee and near boundary thyroid. My all re...
Female 31 , Ahmedabad
24 1 Day Ago
Looking for Doctor in Hyderabad to treat Swollen Lymph nodes.
HI Looking for an Doctor in Hyderabad who treats for Swollen Lymph nodes in Arm...
Male 27 , Hyderabad
32 1 Day Ago
Swelling in hand (lymphedema) post breast cancer surgery, what is its treatment?
my mom had a breast cancer surgery 5 yrs back n its been 3 yrs she is suffering...
Female 58 , Jalgaon
49 2 Day Ago
Can you suggest some good hoispital in Delhi for lymphedema treatment?
Mu mother is a lymphedema patient (arm is swollen). Can you suggest some good h...
Male 66 , Delhi
49 2 Day Ago
Fluid oozing out of skin, What is the cause? Suggest medication.
My wife underwent a Radical Hysterectomy operation, where her Lymph Nodes were ...
Female 58 , Bangalore
52 2 Day Ago

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