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Cure for boils due to skin allergy
I am suffering from a skin allergy due to high temperature of summer.Im getting...
Female 22 , Bhopal
20 1 Day Ago
Advice for treatment of nasal allergy.
my wife is suffering from nasal allergy since 7 years please advise ....
Female 35 , Shahdol
26 1 Day Ago
Can you suggest me remedy for my allergic condition?
I have been your patient for the past 1 year (visiting at ZOOM) and having the ...
Male 69 , Kolkata
29 1 Day Ago
I suffer from allergic rhinitis, what is its best treatment?
Hi! I suffer from runny/blocked nose,continuous sneezing, watery itchy eyes ,s...
Female 40 , Agra
38 1 Day Ago
Suffering from some kind of skin allergy, pl help
Suffering from some kind of skin allergy for the past 1 year, . The disease is ...
Male 37 , Kolkata
49 2 Day Ago

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