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Best Doctor Allergy specialist For Allergy-Nasal in KOCHI

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sneezing allergy since 1 year, what is its permanent cure?
Hello Sir, I am 31 year old male, i never had any allergy before but since o...
Male 32 , Ahmedabad
20 1 Day Ago
Suffer from flu throughout the year - Is it any allergic disease?
Throughout the year I am suffer from flu and often running nose, for a long tim...
Male 29 , Siliguri
21 1 Day Ago
Pl suggest me best doctor in Noida for allergic cough treatment.
My father is suffering from cough. MRI and X-rays has been done but Doctors tol...
Male 55 , Noida
29 1 Day Ago
I suffer from allergic rhinitis, what is its best treatment?
Hi! I suffer from runny/blocked nose,continuous sneezing, watery itchy eyes ,s...
Female 40 , Agra
38 1 Day Ago
Suggest doctor for nasal allergy at Dehradun.
I am suffering from nasal allergy watery ichey eyes please suggest me any docto...
Male 35 , Dehradun
40 2 Day Ago

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